If you live in Killeen, Texas, one of your neighbors just became a millionaire thanks to a winning Powerball ticket.

Killeen Resident Strikes It Rich With One Lottery Ticket

The Texas Lottery commission broke the news Wednesday morning.

They report that a resident of the Central Texas city, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed a modest prize of $2 Million after the Powerball drawing on January 28th. The ticket in question was bought at the 7-Eleven store at 1001 Willow Springs Road.

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A Big Gulp and a Little Luck

The winner in question matched all five numbers from the drawing, just barely missing out on the biggest prize of $572 Million. If they had matched the red Powerball number, which was 15, they could have won all that cash. Still, $2 million dollars is nothing to sneeze at!

Someone in Killeen, Texas Is Now A Millionaire

If you ask me, the winner was smart to remain anonymous. You don't want every distant relation and "old friend" crawling out of the woodwork to call in favors, hit you up for loans, or try to get you to invest in some pyramid scheme.

Of course, the tax man will probably take a good chunk of that money, Still, that's life changing cash. The folks at Money Wisdom have some great advice on what this anonymous winner should do to protect themselves and their winnings.


To this unnamed individual, first off, yes we are all jealous that you won because who isn't, and second off, don't spend it all in one place!

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