A new map from Foursquare and Mapbox has revealed the food each state craves the most, and you may be surprised by what it has to say about Texas.

Foursquare + Mapbox

According to the map, Texans are obsessed with breakfast tacos. The news isn't a huge shock, but we were surprised brisket or chicken fried steak didn't come out on top. Still, there's no denying that most of us love starting the day with a fat breakfast taco and hot, delicious green sauce.

You can see a map of the entire United States by clicking here.

To determine which food reigned supreme in each sate, Foursquare used an algorithm based on menu, tip, and ratings data from 55 million users and 2 billion businesses to isolate the food or drink items most disproportionately popular in each region, normalizing for population size. They also used the algorithm to determine a percentage they say represents the affinity for certain tastes over the national average.

Were you surprised by the data, or was it exactly what you expected? Let us know in the comments and tell us which food you think is tops in Texas.