The 60's brought America into a new age of enlightenment.  Moving towards racial equality was at the forefront of America's consciousness. Now Fox News has showed their true color, so long as it's somewhat pale.

This past Sunday night, a new Miss America was crowned.  She, along with a bevy of beauties from across these United States, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, & the US Virgin Islands, paraded across the stage in their evening gowns and swimsuits, answered questions on society and politics, then were judged by a panel of notables who tabulated their scores, basically following the same methodology that has been in use since the first pageant in September of 1920.   This year the end result was the crowning of Nina Davuluri, a Syracuse, NY, native, as the new Miss America for 2014.

Within hours of the crowning, Twitter was abuzz with what I like to refer to as "advertised ignorance" with numerous comments referring to Davuluri as a "muslim" and an "Arab".  Hhheeellloooo?  Been to a geography class lately? Or did you skip that class in school???  India is in Asia and Indian people are Sikh, Hindu, and Christian mainly.  Some folks are so ignorant that it hurts me.


And speaking of ignorant, according to Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes, Davuluri doesn’t “represent American values.” Nina's Indian heritage, unlike the blonde-haired, blue-eyed contestant from Kansas, Theresa Vail, a runner up, was something this idiot could get his five minutes of fame with.  Sure, Vail was in the Kansas National Guard for 5 years and has a double major at KSU in chemistry And Chinese, but I'm thinking the tattoo down her side counted against her.  The Miss America pageant has always frowned upon those, not just this year.

My question to you, Mr. Starnes, is simple.  How can you say someone who was born in Syracuse, raised in Oklahoma and Michigan, is studying to be a cardiologist, and who's family has over seven doctors (between her father and his siblings), has won several scholastic honors including the Dean's List, Michigan Merit Award, and National Honor Society Award, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science doesn't "represent American values"?  How is she of any "less American value" than Ms. Vail?  Are you a total moron?  If anything, she represents everything that is right with America, representing something that most 6th generation Americans have lost, the drive to educate themselves and succeed.

Now, don't think I'm some "liberal media" type. Far from it to say the least. I'm a card carrying Republican.  Donate to the party.  Own guns.  Support our military.  Believe in smaller government.  And on and on.  But don't make the mistake in thinking that I'm a fan of Fox News.  They've done more to set back race relations 50 years and foster ignorance on the issues than any other single media source.  Their blunders, blurbs, and misstatements have become ridiculed fodder for late night TV show hosts, comedians, and the internet.  But they keep rolling because there's a segment of the population that doesn't want to be informed, they just want someone who agrees with their narrow minded, uneducated point of view.  Fox News needs to change their slogan to "Fox News. We're White and Right".


Mister Starnes, Doctor Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of you.  Too bad you weren't around for the Nazi's propaganda machine back then.