UPDATE: We've been informed that the organizers of this testing center have received more tests, and will now offer free testing from 9AM-6PM through this Friday (Jan 7), and Saturday, January 8 between 10AM and 2 PM.

More details on the testing center below.

The City of Killeen and Killeen ISD are also extending their testing dates and hours.


Right now, it’s a little tricky to tell the difference between cedar fever and COVID-19, and lots of people in the Killeen, Texas area are nervous. Thankfully, there’s free COVID-19 testing available in the city today (Jan 3, 2022) and tomorrow.

Tim Jefferies with KHS Consulting contacted us earlier today with the details.

Just COVID-19 Testing

The free testing station will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM on both days at 1015 North 8th Street in Killeen. You may be asked to show proof of insurance, but you do not have to have it in order to get tested.

Testing can be done on ages 1 and up. This is just a testing center, and no vaccines will be administered.

The tests being administered are PCR tests, not antigen tests.

Yes, They Make House Calls

If you know someone who has difficulty getting out and about, let them know they can actually request a house call for Killeen, Belton, Temple, and the surrounding area by calling 254-319-7868 or visiting centexcovidtesting.com.

Your Entire Company Can Get Tested Too

Jefferies also tells us his company offers free COVID-19 testing for companies who want to ensure the safety of their employees, so be sure to ask about that if you’re interested in testing for your business.

They even offer twice-a-week testing, so let them know if that's something your business may need.

The Results

Once you’ve been tested, results can take from 24-72 hours to be returned. They’ll email you a unique security code you can use to access your results.

Labs are a little overwhelmed, so you will get an email containing a code, then use the code to access the results.

City of Killeen, KISD Offering Testing Too

Marcus Hood with the City of Killeen tells us that free COVID-19 tests are also being offered Jan 3 and 4 by the City of Killeen and KISD at the former Nolan Middle School, 505 E Jasper Road.

The testing hours are 10AM to 5PM.

You'll need a photo ID, and you'll also be asked to fill out a form indicating if you're insured or uninsured. Be sure to fill out that form, or the testing company will have to charge you.


In these crazy COVID times where we don't know if it's a cold, the flu, or what, it's best we get tested now so there won't be any issues moving forward.

Good luck!

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