I remember growing up in junior high that we would have "square dancing" as a P.E. activity and after we got over the initial shock and jokes, we found ourselves "do-s-do-ing" even when we weren't in class. Believe it or not, square dancing is really a fun activity!

The Square Dance Club in Copperas Cove will be offering free classes for beginners if you've ever been interested in learning how to Square dance. Beginning September 13th, every Tuesday evening, you can stop by the Copperas Cove Library at 501 S. Main Street and see for yourself with their open houses before the actual classes start on September 27th. The fun starts at 7:00 PM and bring a friend so you can learn together! For more information contact Mary at 512-556-4734, Shirley at 512-556-3077 or Marjorie at 254-547-2054.