The Farmers Almanac warned us this winter would be a cold one. Here comes some more.

The National Weather Service says temps are expected to drop below freezing tonight in the Killeen-Temple Area with wind chill readings at or below zero.

Plants will need to be covered or brought inside during what will be a wide-spread freeze that could continue for the next few nights in some areas. Falling temps and gusty winds will continue for our Sunday afternoon and into the early part of the work week.

If you have pets outside, or vulnerable livestock you'll want to take steps to keep them warm for the next couple of nights. If you have any exposed water pipes you will want to protect them. If you have any plans to travel this evening be safe and remember cold temperatures and low wind chills can create hazardous conditions quickly. Stay warm Y'all! We should warm back to the '70s by the end of the week. ☀️☀️

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