UPDATE:  Date for All-Army voting has been set.  Details below:  Her story is one that we first brought you on US 105 during the morning show with Jack Hammer and Julia Conner.  Her name is Marily Considine, and she's been selected to represent Ft. Hood as Military Spouse of the Year candidate in competition with all other Army posts.
Marily shared her excitement, saying, "I am so honored and excited! Now, I go on to compete with all the other Army installation winners from around the world."  If she wins there, it's on to represent the Army against all other branches of the US Armed Forces.

Central Texas is a proud home to The Great Place, and Marily Considine is the perfect person to represent Ft. Hood and the entire Central Texas community.  She's tough, hardworking and wears Army pride every single day.  And Central Texas loves their heroes and warriors, which led to Ft. Hood holding another unique distinction.  Marily proudly shared with us, "Fort Hood had more votes than any other installation in the world! That's an awesome representation of The Great Place!"

Marily's story is truly amazing.  Her dedication to family and country is inspiring.  She's the mother of two children whom she homeschools, she's battled (and beaten) breast cancer, and she holds together her home, health and happiness while her husband is deployed.  Marily also teaches preschool three days a week, and she volunteers with the Ft. Hood USO, the United Through Reading program, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

VOTING WILL BE CONDUCTED TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH.   As for Marily, she can't wait, saying, "I am so honored and blessed to represent Fort Hood as their Military Spouse of the Year."

Ft. Hood and Central Texas are honored and blessed to have thousands of military spouses with similar stories to that of Marily, and while the soldiers in uniform get our thanks as often as we can, the forgotten heroes of the homefront keep the ship afloat while spouses are deployed deserve much appreciation and respect as well.