Killeen and Waco just lost their Gander Mountain locations as the company decided to close 10 of it's 22 locations across the state of Texas.

I always liked being able to go check out what's inside Gander Mountain in Killeen. Some people thought the prices on items may have been a bit steep, but I always thought it was cool to just kinda look around and see what's new in there. Now they have gone and done it.

In all seriousness it's no secret that Gander Mountain is seeking bankruptcy and that a sale of the company isn't far off. According to our news partner, KWTX, Gander Mountain is reporting under-preforming stores at 32 of it's 162 locations. reports the Minnesota-based company will most likely declare bankruptcy in May, and that the sale of the company should be finalized soon after.

It wasn't all that long ago the Killeen location opened in the first place. Gander Mountain sent Jacob and Chase Landry from the show Swamp People on the History network to Killeen for the grand opening.

Of course, this means a liquidation sale may be coming. Let's keep our eyes open for news on that later this spring.

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