Okay this is just weird.  I’ve heard of having your baby in the water, but having a dolphin for a midwife?

Heather Barringer, 27, and her husband Adam, 29, of North Carolina, traveled to Hawaii for a “dolphin-assisted birth,”.   SAY WHAT????????

It's a water delivery among dolphins, according to Medical Daily.

The Barringer's, or ( Hana's, don't ask) of South Carolina, are preparing for the July arrival of their first child through a series of prenatal swims with a pod of dolphins at The Sirius Institute in Pohoa, Hawaii.

Apparently,the Sirius Institute is trying to help dolphins take over the world…what better place to start than with human babies. The baby could imprint on the first thing it sees, and think the dolphin is its Momma.  Hey. it could happen!

Okay that's not what Heather and Adam said would happen, listen to their vision.

The institute recently set up the Dolphin Attended, Water, Natural and Gentle Birth Center (DAWN), due to what they claim is an increasing demand on their web site for people looking to give birth near dolphins. The Sirius Institute claims that giving birth with dolphins is part of an ancient native Hawaiian practice.

One Question, Can I see the stats on how many dolphins ate the babies?