This Sunday the Awards Season begins with the show that makes it too easy to go dirty.  So tune in and check out those Golden Globes, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, at 7pm on NBC.  See, gutter Ville. Also, today the nominations for Academy Awards were announced.  Of course, that show will be on February 24 on ABC.  Can you enjoy both of these shows and not be considered a schizophrenic? I’ve always been a Golden Globes man myself.  The Academy has always seemed to take themselves too seriously.  Plus, I, being a fan of comedy, have never forgiven them for not awarding Robin Williams’ performance in “Dead Poets Society”.  Or, the even bigger snub of not recognizing Jim Carrey in “Man on the Moon”.  It seems he didn’t win because he reminded people too much of Andy.  Isn’t that the point of a Bio-Pic?  Have I a missed something?

The Globes also gives awards in television categories.  If any show would recognize the Boob Tube it should be the Golden Globes. (See? Easy.)  I think these two shows should be combined.  That way it will sound like a TV Cop drama, “up next it’s Jake and the Fat-man followed by Oscar and the Globes!!" The thinking behind combining them is that it'll stop people from getting there hopes up as the winner of the Golden Globe is the front runner for the Oscar, and if they lose, then it’s a “big” upset.  My question is: What did or didn't they do between the Globes and the Oscars? It’s not like a play.  The performance is on film, it’s set, it’s not changing each night.  The answer is kiss butt.  Ask anyone familiar with the process and they’ll tell you it’s all political and has nothing to do with acting.  Keep it about acting.

I’m not that familiar with many of the movies this year.  Was there a lot of Pumpkin-on-Pecan crime in the “Life of Pi”, or have I missed something again?  I see that some big names have been nominated again.  Denzel for “Flight”, and Daniel Day Lewis for “Lincoln”, please do not get me started on that subject (maybe later.)  I’m going to go with Denzel, after all, it’s Denzel.

The big Award I’ll be tuning in for is BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE – COMEDY OR MUSICAL.  I’ll just be miserable if Hugh Jackman wins.  He’s going up against Bill Murray for his performance in “Hyde Park On Hudson”.

I'll be announcing my picks for winners in the top Globe categories later on today, so keep checking!

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