I'm pretty sure this was heading for an Ace until Mother Nature had other ideas.

Every golf game has its story: the perfect drive, an unbelievable shot from the rough, a putt to make even Tiger Woods look like an amateur...but this one is just plain crazy, and lucky it didn't end up any worse.

I saw this story on our news partner KWTX's website and had to share.

A group of Texas teens were at Topgolf in San Antonio and, fortunately for us, they were filming.

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As you can see from the video, it was pretty foggy and rainy out when Thomas Gomez stepped up to hit the ball. Gomes tells KSAT, “‘Alright let me hit this last shot,’ and I told her to record it. And then I swung it, and then next thing the lightning is coming out of the sky, hitting the ball.”

The lightning bolt hit just after the ball was struck by Gomez's club. At first they had no idea they had caught the whole thing on video. After going back and watching the footage, Gomez is aware of how lucky he is to not have gotten struck himself, especially since a golf club can be a lightning rod.

“It could have hit me," he said. "[I]t could have hit her, it could have hit any of us, it was actually pretty scary after I was thinking about it for a while.”

Topgolf did evacuate the facility following the lightning strike, and there were no reports of injuries.

The video is pretty crazy, and fortunately nobody was hurt because lightning is deadly. In fact, a lightning strike in India killed 16 people in one fell swoop recently. Reports say that lightning kills about 2,000 people in India per year on average.

The National Weather Service says about 49 people in America die every year due to lightning strikes, and hundreds more are injured every year. Lightning is very dangerous, so it's always best to seek shelter when lightning is close.

But the video is cool.

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