Nina Burgess of College Station, Texas got a Christmas gift that any Aggie Fan would jump up and down for.

Nina is an 80-year-old Texas A&M fan who lives just south of Beaumont. While she did not attend the school, she faithfully watches the game every week. This Christmas will be one she won't soon forget as her family surprised her with tickets to the Advocare V100 Bowl Game in Houston. This will be the first time Nina gets to see her favorite team play in person.

Here is the video of Mammaw receiving her gift. It was posted on her Grandson's Twitter account. Since Christmas Day, Ryan Brauninger's tweet has received 1,000 retweets and over 4,000 likes.

Word is that the video has even reached the organizers of the Advocare V100 Bowl Game and that Nina is about to get another big surprise when she visits Houston for the game today. Happy New Year, Nina! Good luck Aggies!

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