They may have had a less than stellar football recruiting class this year but when it comes to bringing home the dollars, there's no argument: the Aggies are on top.

Just to prove everything's bigger in Texas, the Longhorns are not far behind.

In a just–published USA Today list of the most profitable athletic programs in the USA, Texas A&M is the most successful NCAA program. Many see this as a direct result of joining the SEC, the powerhouse conference with half of the slots in the top ten. See for yourself:

1. Texas A&M (SEC) $192.6 million

2. Texas (Big 12) $183.5 million

3. Ohio State (Big Ten) $167.2 million

4. Michigan (Big Ten) $152.5 million

5. Alabama (SEC) $148.9 million

6. Florida (SEC) $147.1 million

7. LSU (SEC) $138.6 million

8. Oklahoma (Big 12) $134.3 million

9. Tennessee (SEC) $126.6 million

10. Penn State (Big Ten) $125.7 million

USA today stats also show how much money in tax dollars each school receives. While most of the down-the-list programs receive significant funds  from multimillion dollar subsidies,  only three schools in the top 10 take in tax dollars.  Surprisingly, Alabama is one of them, at $2.6 million -  The most of any school in the top 10 . You'd think a successful as they are, they would not need a handout of any kind.

The rest of the schools in the top ten receive no tax dollars.  And I'm proud to say my alma mater, number seven LSU was the first university of its size to go  completely off the public dole, and  is one of only two schools to remain completely tax dollar free as confirmed by USA today several years ago.  The other school was Nebraska,  and now others have followed suit.

Not to cast aspersions,  but for those cranky taxpayers who are always complaining about wasteful spending,  paying millions of dollars to athletic programs which attract boosters seems like a budget priority totally out of whack.  If your team is successful, the rain should fall.

Kudos to our Texas teams for showing the whole world what success is all about!