He did it again!  Granger Smith walked 100 miles from Austin to Fort Hood, Texas. He did it to raise awareness and donations for the Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign donates funds and time to help out Military members and their families.   This is Granger Smith's  third year in a row to walk from Austin, and this time I was with him.  Well, not for the whole 100 miles, just the last part.   Call it "My Walk with Granger", (and several other people).  Here he is giving us a pep talk before we begin, talking about the Boot Campaign and all the good it does for our Military.

Granger gives a Pep Talk before we begin/KUSJ

Now Granger has been walking since last Sunday, it takes a long time to walk from Austin to Fort Hood.  I joined the last leg Thursday from Killeen Mall to the Fort Hood Visitors Center, they tell me it was only 6 miles it felt like 7!  Thank Goodness for this Pit Stop.  We drank refreshing beverages.  For some reason Granger climbed on top of the truck.

And meet the organizer of the Fort Hood Team.  Sgt "Awesome" Justin Caple.  His wife, Tracy is to my right, and Fort Hood SGT Julie Wallace Myles is on my left.  Julie walked with a full rucksack on her back!

And so we began again, this time I played Stalker, keeping Granger Smith in my sights at all times.

Granger Smith and Julia Conner at the Finish

And we finally made it to Fort Hood's Visitors Center.   Congrats to Granger and the Boot Campaign.  Can't wait till next year!  Ya'll Click Here and make a Donation.  You can see where your money goes and how it helps.