Central Texas just keeps growing and growing doesn't it? It seems like we say that all the time, but as it turns out, most of us are noticing more and more construction going on. Even driving around the area some of us have noticed road work, or a "coming soon" sign for business.

In Waco, residents may soon see the aforementioned signs, a shopping center in the area is soon to have businesses enter the fray.

Cottonwood Creek Growth

According to the Waco-Tribune Herald, Cottonwood Creek is ready to expand and add new amenities to the shopping area. An unknown, at the time of writing, hotel developer in Dallas has struck a deal for 6 acres of land behind the Cinemark movie theater in the area. Two brand new hotels will take up approximately 4.5 of the acres purchased, while the other 1.5 will be held for even more development.

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However, hotels are not just the only ones moving into the shopping center. Other businesses will be joining the area as well.

Restaurants To Be Joining The Center

Cotton Patch Cafe has committed to occupy 4,500 square feet of area near the previously mentioned Cinemark theather. Black Rifle Coffee and Whataburger are also joining. Black Rifle Coffee has already began building their store, Whataburger is currently waiting to began building their restaurant, as they await permits according the the Tribune-Herald.

This isn't the only growth in Central Texas, as in Temple, an apartment complex that some resident are appealing it's construction which you can read about here.

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