In light of the recent trial of George Zimmerman, Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law has been receiving a lot of attention. Similar laws are on the books in over 30 states, including Texas.

Astros Shooting Range owner L.E. Williams has taught concealed handgun license classes for 17 years. As part of his course, he emphasized the importance of knowing when to take out and use a handgun.

His ideas on the subject changed when Texas became a "Stand Your Ground" state in 2007. Under the new law, a person can use deadly force in self-defense without the obligation to retreat first.

Kenneth Travis, who works in private security, discussed the strategy he has planned if he faces a situation where he may need to use his gun. He intends to dial 911 so an operator can hear the encounter, hopefully diminishing legal consequences.

Travis also emphasized the importance of knowing when to shoot, to avoid doing so too early or too late.

Gun owners should be aware of potential legal risks associated with firing a gun, should know which areas forbid the carrying of a gun, and should routinely practice shooting skills at a local range.

A recent study indicates that homicide rates increase by 7 to 9 percent in "Stand Your Ground" states when compared with those which did not pass a similar law.