It's been a long 6 weeks for Gus the Basset Hound!

The rascal has been on the run from his owners for the second half of the summer! Occasional sightings indicated the dog was still in the area, but nobody could seem to get close enough to bring him home.

Gus was found in a field near Ritchie Road early this morning in his home town of Hewitt. KWTX and John Carroll report that animal control officers along with Mutts and Mayhem out of Dallas are to thank for bringing the dog back home.

Gus made local news several times this summer as his family and friends tried to locate the him and bring the 11-year-old pooch home. The town of Hewitt even set up surveillance cameras to try and locate the animal, but Gus is apparently stealthy as a cat! Those stealth moves won't get him out of a veterinarian appointment, though. Gus is scheduled to be checked out to ensure he's ok after his little sabbatical.

Oddly enough, Gus was found in the same field he had been spotted in 3 times over the summer while on the run.

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