One of the few rules of living in Texas is pretty simple: you must love H-E-B. To be fair, this isn't a hard rule to follow in the state, as it's pretty hard to not love the store. We've all had our moments where we have run to H-E-B for a last second item, or for a pepperoni lasagna, a personal favorite.

But being the number one retailer in the nation requires continuous growth to keep that spot. So how do you keep Texans coming back? Well by making sure our pets get the items they need too! While yes H-E-B already offers various products regarding pet care, there's another way the store is set to assist.

The Texas original with partnering with Thumbtack to make sure there's more pet care than just various foods or cleaning supplies.

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Thumbtack And H-E-B Partnership Detailed

According to Business Wire, Thumbtack will be placing many displays in H-E-B stores that will contain QR codes. These codes, when scanned, we lead people shopping to find local pet care facilities. Services such as grooming, training, pet sitting, dog walking, and other various amenities for pets.

Pet care won't be the only thing that Thumbtack will bring to the table. They will also have an On-Demand feature that will be in certain H-E-B stores that finds other things like cleaning services, local handymen, and lawn care with a 10% discount as well.

So H-E-B is growing once again, and it looks like Texas pets will learn to love H-E-B as well!

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