I hate to be part of the crowd, That Group of people who are in the majority when the announcer goes, "Survey Says!"  I want to be an individual.  But apparently I am just as shallow as the rest of you women!


George Clooney or Him, which one would you date?

According to a new study, it's true, women really ARE attracted to men with a sense-of-humor . . . But there is a catch,  we like em cause they are Purty!  Apparently, women believe GOOD-LOOKING men are funny. In the study, women rated handsome guys funnier than ugly guys. The researchers say it could be because it's female instinct to find handsome men's personalities attractive, so they'll be more receptive to what good-looking guys are saying.  HUH?

Bottom Line, Women are Shallow!

This was a study done in Britain, so maybe I am only as shallow as English Woman.

I promise to change!

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