Central Texas is home to so many hardworking and inspiring student athletes, and one in particular definitely deserves a spotlight shone on her today.

As you may have read in the Sports section of Monday's Killeen Daily Herald, Harker Heights High School junior Paige Bridenstine won the Class 6A girls 114-pound state championship in Corpus Christi Friday, March 19th.

According to KDH sports writer Mark Miller, Bridenstine won the state title by 125 pounds with a three-lift total of 810. That was spread across three events: squat, bench, and deadlift. She put up an impressive 320 in the squat, 180 on the bench, and 300 dead lift.

Personally, I had trouble dragging a 50 pound bag of dog food into my house the other day, so I'm definitely impressed by the power this young lady and her teammates displayed at state. Miller reports that they all medaled.

Bridenstine's coach, Dan Pike, says Paige is the leader of the women's powerlifting team, and it looks like she's the best kind of leader if you ask me - the type who leads by example and inspires her teammates with her accomplishments.

I know Paige's grandmother, and I can tell you the hard work, dedication, and leadership are definitely genetic when it comes to that family. I've had the privilege of working with her for over a decade now and I can definitely see where Paige's grit and determination come from.

Congratulations to Paige Bridenstine and her team for this fantastic accomplishment. You've made Central Texas so proud!

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