It's not often you hear of a Harley Davidson recall, so when one happens we tend to take note.  Safety issues associated with the 2014 Touring models' hydraulic clutch mechanism should have reached owners by now, but if you know of a buddy with a bike, pass this along.

Credit iStock Photo-99507808

Harley Davidson issued a press release with a "Do Not Ride" notice to all owners of certain 2014 Touring Motorcycles.  This is a recall affecting more than 25,000 Harleys that we may not have even heard about if not for Harley Davidson stepping up and taking immediate action.  Harley's official press release states, "Although the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is closed as a result of the partial government shutdown, Harley-Davidson is proceeding with these voluntary recalls consistent with NHTSA’s process".  Thanks again Uncle Sam!!

If you own one of the affected Harley Davidson motorcycles you're advised to take it in immediately.  Safety first, folks.  Be safe out there.