H-E-B is arguably one of the most famous businesses in Texas. Walking into a H-E-B is like walking into another world sometimes. The chain really does fit the motto of "everything is bigger in Texas."

The business also continues to evolve with the times, even including self checkout lines most recently. But now Texas' favorite grocery chain will be offering something to customers that will help frequent shoppers save money on H-E-B products.

The H-E-B Debit Card

The company recently announced the creation of a debit card. The card's details were revealed in a post from the H-E-B News Room. The H-E-Bit card (as I'm nicknaming it) comes with customer benefits like:

- cash back on H-E-B products
- use as a spending card, with a savings account also available
- free cash withdrawals at H-E-B ATMs
- no fees to maintain

Rewards for Buying H-E-B Brand Items

The cash back benefit only will apply to H-E-B brand items. If you're an H-E-B regular, you know their stuff is usually just as good as, if not better than, the name brand items.

Vice President of Marketing, Ashwin Nathan, described what the card means to H-E-B customers in the press release:

“With the H-E-B debit card, customers can have a more rewarding shopping experience that allows them to keep more money in their pockets while enjoying valuable benefits and perks.”

So Glad I "Discovered" H-E-B

H-E-B having a debit card is actually very interesting, because some of the items we'd buy are things that I truly enjoy. When I first moved to Texas, I went to H-E-B and discovered something I now can't live without: the Pepperoni Lasagna. It was something I didn't even know I was craving until I had it for the first time. And now you're telling me I could save money while purchasing them?

We might have to sign up for this new debit card.

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