If you listen to me complain and moan on the radio about the subject, you know I'm very vocal about dads getting the raw end of the deal when compared to Mother's Day.  That means I work hard every year making sure dads get the credit they deserve.

Today I'm going to give you the Top 5 Dad Songs.  Keep in mind that I'm a guy.  I've got two boys.  That means I don't find much of a sentimental connection to songs about dads and daughters.  Sorry.  You also won't find anything like "Butterfly Kisses" or "Big Poppa" on this list.  It's strictly country.




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    Rodney Atkins- "Cleaning This Gun (Come on In Boy)"

    I hate to start this list with a song about the daddy/daughter dynamic, but this is just too good to leave off the list.  Maybe it's hearing the old stories my mom would tell about my grandpa sitting on the porch cleaning his gun the first time my dad showed up for a date that has this song hitting home.  The lyrics leave no doubt as to dad's intention with that gun despite  the claim, "It's all for show, ain't nobody gonna get hurt".


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    Lonestar- "My Front Porch Lookin' In"

    Not only does Lonestar manage to work "sippy cup" into the lyrics, but they manage to suck me into the song because of my eternal inner struggle as a father trying to balance work obligations with fatherly obligations.  "Nothin' takes my breath away like my front porch lookin' in" hits home, especially during those times I go a whole work week without seeing my two boys.  I love all the great stuff my job entails, but there's nothing more I'd rather do than be at home with my boys.



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    Brad Paisley- "Anything Like Me"

    "God help us all if your sons turn out like you."  My dad never actually said those words, but I could tell he was thinking it.  My thoughts on the matter were only confirmed once I had my own boys and had that same exact thought... 100 times a day.  I like to tell people my boys look exactly like me because of strong genetics.  Not good genetics... just overpowering genetics that blow out anything my wife could have brought to the table.



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    George Strait- "Love Without End, Amen"

    Not only is this song one of George Strait's all-time greats, but it also hits home for not only dads, but for anyone that once HAD a dad (which means all of us, by the way).  We all did stuff as kids that made us think, "He's gonna kill me.  I'm not exaggerating.  He's literally going to kill me".  It's only after a lot of yelling and possibly a belt to drive home the point that we realize we're still alive and kicking, and after years of holding a grudge for being a "dad" and disciplining us we come to realize he was right all along.  We also realize the patience it took to deal with us as kids was surpassed only by his love and forgiveness.  This one hits me hard every time I hear it.



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    Rodney Atkins- "Watching You"

    None of us are perfect people OR perfect fathers.  It's only in knowing this that we identify our weaknesses and either improve on them or hide them completely from our kids.  Fatherhood becomes VERY real, not at the first diaper changing, but the first time you see (or hear) yourself in their behavior.  It's terrifying.  We can only hope that they pick up more of our "good" traits than the "bad".  Rodney's take on this moment in life hits me every time I hear it.  By far, this is THE song about dads that speaks to me as a father.  It's the second song on my list from Rodney Atkins.  The man knows a thing or two about being a dad.  "Lord please help me help my stupid self."  If we don't say that out loud everyday, we're at least thinking it.