So is it just me or when you notice something that's rather different that you'd probably enjoy in your hometown, you wonder why it isn't there? So while searching for new things to enjoy in and around my new home of Temple, Texas, I came across a video of this:

Now ladies and gentlemen, this is why you research around areas before you move. But back in Alabama there wasn't much of a mountain biking course such as this. So Spider Mountain, as it's called, seems like a bit of an anomaly in Texas.

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There's a lot for potential bikers to take in as shown by this video:

They have multiple types of trails as shown in the video. Anybody who's never done this type of biking before can get started on the easy trails. While more experienced riders can push themselves on the harder courses.

Just for the record, I'd start on Itsy-Bitsy, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

So let's face it: this is unbelievably awesome. But this now begs an even more important question: Why can't Temple have one of these somewhere?

Temple is currently growing by the day, and I've noticed while driving around exploring that there's a chance that we could have our own mountain biking trail.

If we can't do a mountain biking trail, maybe a skate park?* Or something along those lines for any type of person to get out and exercise.

The more I see of this place, the more I think Temple could absolutely benefit from a mountain biking trail. Just think of the impact it'll have, especially in the summer when most people are out and looking something to do. Are there some good biking trails around Lakes Belton and Stillhouse? There probably are (and if you know of them, feel free to use the Chat button in our free app to tell me about them), but what would be really cool is something like Spider Mountain. Just sayin'.

This is also a sign for me to probably get back to biking too. If I even want to try to bike these trails I'll have to get back into biking shape...

*(My co-workers pointed out to me that there's a great skate park at Miller Park in Temple, so we've got that going for us!)

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