News 10 is reporting that Noah’s Way Exotic Petting Zoo & Pony Rides, a fan favorite at the 2018 Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo, has expanded with some new exotic baby animals additions.

This year, Noah's Way has brought with it more than the usual 80 or so animals. However, most of the new additions are babies just born this year.

Visitors to the petting zoo can now expect to see two baby kangaroos,  Roxy, 4 months, and Rocky, 8 months. There is also Winnie, the brand new, two-week-old water buffalo calf.

“This is her very first show,” said Owner & Operator Cole Reeves.

Guests to Noah's Way in the past have come to expect the usual animals including camels, zebras, goats, and deer.

Also new to the petting zoo this year at the HOT Fair is the parakeet birdcage. Guests can step inside an enclosure with 150 parakeets and hand feed them as they fly all around. Hold still, and one might just land on your arm and eat straight from your hand.

“We started in March at Rodeo Austin and we've taken it about…I think this is the sixth place, and it seems to do really well everywhere,” said Reeves. “It's just something different that not every fair has and not everybody gets a chance to do."

For more information on the petting zoo click this link or visit them at the Heart O' Texas Fair and Rodeo.


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