How far would you go to make sure a rapist goes to jail. A Houston prosecutor might have gone too far.

Click 2 Houston has reported, that rape victim "Jenny" had a mental breakdown on the witness stand while testifying against her attacker. Worried that she might not come back to finish testifying, Harris County prosecutors made the decision to put her in jail. Yes, put the victim of rape in jail.

On the surface it sound atrocious. How could you even think of doing such a thing. What are the consequences going to be? Will any victim come forward knowing that they to might be sent to jail for some reason?

"Jenny" was able to come back, after a month in jail, and finish her testimony. Her rapists, Keith Hendricks, was sentenced to two life sentences.

"Jenny" does suffer from a bipolar disorder. And she did have a breakdown on the stand. She ran off of it saying that she'd never return. So maybe Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson did do the right thing to get a predator off the streets. She has yet to answer questions about it to the media, but did release a video statement.