A Houston woman risked her own life by clinging to the hood of the getaway car of a couple who stole an expensive bulldog puppy, and there's video of the crazy scene.

According to Click2Houston, an arrest was made on Tuesday of one of the two people involved in a dog theft that saw Alize James clinging for her life on the hood of a speeding car.

This all went down back on November 4th, when a couple entered Bully Camp, a pet store that carries bulldogs, and said they wanted to buy an exotic bully for $10,000. As the couple were holding the dog, James went to get some paperwork for a UPS driver, and the couple took the opportunity to leave the store with the bully.

Surveillance cameras were rolling and caught the couple leaving with the puppy.

The 7-month-old puppy had surgery just a few days earlier and needed special medication for the recovery, so James immediately gave chase.

James said, “My mind is focused on her health. I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing.” The couple reportedly struck James with their vehicle, causing her to jump on top and hold on for dear life.

“Next time I heard the gas go, he went very aggressively and it (the bumper) kind of like slapped me on top of the car,” James said. “They were weaving, driving recklessly and I could barely hold on. I was so scared.”

The ordeal lasted about 10 minutes and ended when the car stopped and the guy got out and began hitting her before speeding off with the puppy.

The woman in the car was 21-year-old Royshana King. She was arrested on Tuesday and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Authorities have not identified the man she was with.

Check out video of James clinging to the hood.

King said she has no regrets but also says she would not chase after them again.

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