Rescue efforts continue in Nepal where over 4 thousand people are dead after a massive earthquake. The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers reach small villages. Relief efforts have begun and you can help.

Saturday's 7.8 earthquake spread death and destruction from Kathmandu to the slopes of Mount Everest. India and Tibet also report casualties. Many small villages were destroyed by the quake and its aftershocks. Rescue efforts continue and relief workers are out on the streets helping the survivors. The NY Times has published a list of agencies who are helping out.  Donations of course are desperately needed.


Rescuers rush to get medical help/Getty Images
Nepal Earthquake Damage/Getty Images
Nepal Earthquake Damage/Getty Images


Here is video from a Mt. Everest base camp hit by an avalanche caused by the quake.



The United Nations has said that more than six million people live in the areas of Nepal that have been affected. Many have either lost their homes or have been forced to live on the streets because of the threat of further aftershocks.


Nepal resident after the quake/Getty Images


Here is the list of agencies accepting donations for the victims. The global response is being coordinated by the Nepalese government through its National Emergency Operation Center.