Pokemon Go is all the rage these days. If you don't believe me, take a walk outside and literally count the number of people staring at their phones as they traverse through the community in hopes of catching virtual creatures. While there have been reported injuries, robberies and crimes because of the game, I believe there is something very positive we can do for children with this game.

One of the features in Pokemon Go is something called a lure. For 99 cents, a user can purchase a lure and then drop it wherever, which attracts tons of Pokemon to the location for a period of time.

So, with this in mind, some people in Boston, MA have been dropping lures by Brigham and Women's Hospital and now people all over Reddit are organizing ways to make sure there is an active lure for each children's hospital in their city.

I think Bell County should take a page out of Reddit's book and do the same. If you have some time today (which you know you do if you're playing Pokemon Go), stop by your local hospital, such as McLane Children's Hospital, and drop a lure. Chances are a child is inside playing Pokemon Go on his or her phone, but they may not be able to leave the premises.

It's such a small way to make a child's day brighter. Why not make it a community effort!?

Please play responsibly.



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