There are lots of reasons to enjoy livin' in Central Texas, but the reason 24-year-old Joshua Jenkins likes to travel around the region is to simply catch Pokémon.Josh has visited stops from Dallas/Fort Worth to Austin in search of Pokémon, and it would appear he is one of few PokémonGo players to capture all the pocket monsters so far released in the game. Josh says, "It's become an addiction especially since this app came out in between the releases on the console it's been a breath of fresh air."

Let's look at Josh's stats for a second. He plays for about 12 hours a day, and has walked over 123 kilometers (about 77 miles). That's dedication! He even says he uses a solar powered back-pack so he can be sure his phone doesn't die mid-game.

Jenkins says one of his favorite parts of playing the game is all the places in Central Texas he's been to while playing the game. Bonus: He's even lost a few pounds with all that activity!

News 10 attempted to contact Triple Point PR and Nintendo to confirm Jenkin's status but have not heard back from officials.