This weekend is the Food Truck Frenzy in Downtown Temple. Be sure to come sample, but also, be sure to bring your Pokeballs.

I took a little drive to historic Downtown Temple this past weekend. I was amazed at how much Pokemon has taken over the city.

Park your car in the free parking lot behind the Temple Municipal Building and you are within blocks of all sorts of Pokemon stops and gyms - if you know what the even means!

To be honest with you, I might have missed a few as well. I'm old and I don't see that well anymore. But here are 12 Pokestops you can find within a short walk in Downtown Temple.

  • Temple Municipal Building


    You might be able to pick up some things right away, if you park your car near the clock. The Municipal Building has 3 Pokestops. Hit the clock first, then walk over to the front of the building for a few more.

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  • Historical Markers

    In Front

    Spin the picture again at the historical plaques out front.

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  • Flag Pole

    Flagpole Sitta

    One more. The Flagpole in the Southeast corner is yet another Pokestop. More Balls, More Balls.

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  • Wes's Burger Shack

    Burger & More

    There's two stops just south of the Municipal Building. First, across the street on Main is Wes's Burger Shack. You may want to grab some sustenance while on your hunt.

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  • Painted Wall

    Ave "A" and Main

    Collect more balls at the wall. Fair warning. The GPS is crap. You might have to go a block further west to activate it.

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  • Korean Church

    Main Street

    A lot of action awaits you going North on Main. First is the Korean Church.

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  • Christ Episcopal Church

    Main & Calhoun

    Next block has this church on the left.

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  • Post Office

    Main & Downs

    Get some stamps and a few gifts at this Pokestop.

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  • First Presbyterian

    First & French

    See if you're available for services, and don't forget your balls.

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  • Teddy Bear Bakery

    Kolache Time

    Then, across the street, you can work out your Pokemon and get a treat for yourself.

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  • First Baptist Church

    3rd & Calhoun

    Make your way South again, and you'll hit this stop.

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  • Temple Library

    3rd & Adams

    You'll find at least 2 more stops here, and surprise! You're back by your car. You can leave, or make another lap because they reset about every 5 minutes.

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