Travis (my 19 year old) and I went to see ‘Les Miserables’ yesterday.   Travis and I were the only two in the theater so it was like a private screening.  I did not know it was all singing.  I mean ALL Singing, maybe 25 spoken words in the whole 2 and a half hour movie.  The only song I recognized was the one Susan Boyle did ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.   Anne Hathaway did a decent job when she sang it, but Susan did it better.   Nevertheless as far as acting goes, Anne deserves whatever awards she has gotten so far.  Hugh Jackman was the main man, Jean Valjean.  When you first see him with his bad haircut and knotty skin in his prison attire, you will thank the skies that it is just makeup, and Wolverine is still in there somewhere. Like I said everybody sang, even ‘Borat’ as the mean man who treats the little girl Cossette like a slave.  But the worst singer was Russell Crowe,  he played the policeman who was always after Jean Valjean.  He tried though, but he just couldn’t hit even the easy notes.

If you plan to go and you don’t know the story,  look it up online in Sparknotes, or Wikipedia.  They can help you better understand the characters motivation, you know how movies have to condense most of the emotional stuff.     As for rating  ‘Les Miserables’, I give it 2.5 out of four stars, Travis gives it 4.