As a relatively young guy in search of "the one", I've made a point to cast a large net in the vast ocean we call dating life. Some fishermen use technique to reel in the big fishy while others use tools (ahem, dating apps). I rarely get to see what my competition is like out there so when I came across these Vine videos accurately portraying men's Tinder profiles, I felt the need to share.

The "if Tinder had video profiles" movement was sparked by Cody Jo, a Vine star, who made a hilarious depiction of what a lot of Tinder profiles look like and it pretty much took off from there. These are funny, because they're true.

Check these bros out:


Being discreet is advised


Gotta give a peak at the abs


Man-child alert


I feel so much better about my profile now. Thank you. And ladies, it's your turn to make fun of your own profiles.