One of my boys moved into his own place this weekend.  My husband used my van to help him move.  After seeing the vehicle up close and personal, Keith decided to wash it.

He cleaned it inside and out.  Look the dashboard even shines.  I am very happy!

Photo By Julia Conner
Photo by Julia Conner

Only one thing about the whole process griped my grunge!  He collected all the miscellaneous junk that was in the car and decided to go through it to see what I needed to keep. Say What!  He is going to decide what junk is important to me? Yes, he said emphatically.

Six Months Worth of Junk (Photo by Julia Conner)

After his sorting task, he did show me what he was throwing out, but I think that was only after I pointed out the Supreme Wrongness of this whole decision making process.

I must admit I only kept two things that he was throwing out, a clothespin, (you never know when you are going to need one, and my Mouse pad (I keep meaning to leave at the office).

The used dental floss, bent paper clip and various wads of paper went into the trash.

Thanks Keith.