Well. We must be in Texas when you can pick up a Pecan Pie in a vending machine.

I grew up in a town that had a drive-thru liquor store. So when they said that you shouldn't drink and drive, I was like, well how else are you going to get a bottle of whiskey unless you're driving?

That was in North Dakota where the weather can kill you in a matter of minutes. So when it's 70 below wind chill and you need to warm your insides, it's just normal to drive through the liquor store for a quick bottle (bottles) of warmth.

Well, now I live in Texas. A state with Dry counties. So when it comes to "strange normals" they developed Austin. And in and around Austin (Bastrop) it seems you can buy Pecan Pies from a vending machine. So now young kids will think that buying a whole pecan pie from a vending machine is normal.

 That's the weirdest thing. They say that I can't say Pecan correctly. It seems Pe in Texas is pronounce Paa. And the "can" is pronounced "con". Yea. And I'm the fool that calls it Pee-Can Pie. Well, if you get a craving it's nice to have the vending machine option. Though it seems a bit of jump from Snickers and Reese's to a whole fricken pie. "Hey honey, pick up a movie and pie for tonight. I think there's a couple machines off Highway 71"


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