The Temple, Texas mall has constantly brought many questions throughout the years.

Many in the area have seen the changes that the shopping area has gone through. Even the ones were the plans didn't come to pass, like the aquarium for example. Recently though, certain things have happened that have called into question if the mall will be open much longer.

If you visit the Temple Mall's website, you'll find it is no longer operating. In addition, the phone number to contact the mall is also out of service. So, worries began about the center closing for good.

To figure out what's going on with the mall, KCEN investigated the situation. What they found is hopefully better than what some may have expected.

The Temple Mall, And Why Things Appear To Seem Bleak

KCEN reached out to Robert Brandenburg to get some clarification about why certain items used to reach the mall have gone silent. Rob clarified the main reason for both the website and phone number going out of commission:

"Some of it was tied to personal information. It's just a matter of getting in the new equipment, getting everything installed, getting the internet up and a new website built. All of that is in the process of happening right now."

Rob also stated that the mall is currently being fixed up as well:

"If you walk through the mall and you look up, you'll see new paint on the ceiling, different repairs that have been done, new light fixtures, some of the entrances have been redone...Bathrooms have been remodeled. The parking lot is being redone so those are indicators that the mall is not going anywhere."

So, no, the Temple Mall isn't closing anytime soon, and hopefully, the changes will bring in many new customers.

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