Drones are apparently more commonplace than I thought.  Apparently, I don't live an interesting enough life, because I've never once thought, "Hey, I could really use a drone for this".

Personally, I have zero interest in seeing what my neighborhood looks like from 50 feet up in the air.  If I wanted to see that, I'd zoom in on Google Earth from my couch.  Anyone with the extra dough to spend on a drone, have a blast.  As long as you're not peaking in my windows looking for a cheap thrill, I've got no issues.

Drones can cost several thousands of dollars, and while I don't understand the drone fascination, I do understand what losing that kind of money into a body of water would feel like.  That's why I feel empathy for this guy when his drone begins to tumble toward frigid waters.

The fact that it's the first day flying the drone probably means he was too excited to get it airborne and didn't fully charge the batteries.  Either that, or he underestimated the battery life of a charge.  He truly does make an A-Team-worthy save at the end.  He goes all Liam Neeson and gets the job done.  I'm impressed.