Remember your First Barbie?  If you are as old as I am, it didn't bend or twist or anything.  But we loved her just the same.

Those old time Barbies didn't have jobs.  They were not nurses, doctors or secretaries.  All our Barbies did was change clothes, live in their Dream House, drive their Corvette and get their hair done.  How long did your Barbie's beautiful long hair last til you cut it off? It was usually about 6 months in my house.   For some reason my brothers cut off one of my Barbies legs.  I kept her though.   We had five kids so Barbie's were hard to come by,   and by the way,  my Barbie never had a dream house. She lived in a cardboard box with cardboard furniture, and she had a cardboard car.  We were poor but innovative.

And in case you missed the meeting between the real life Barbie and Ken, two misguided people who have been enhanced to look like the dolls.  Check this out.

Yeah they ended up not liking each other at all.