So what kind of meat do you put on your sandwich? Salami? Pastrami? Bologna? Ham? All of Them?  Why am I asking? Because today is National Cold Cuts day.  Today we celebrate those processed meats with tons of sodium and I don’t know what else, because they make a darn good sandwich.

I just just love Icky on the Geico commercials featuring Cold Cuts!




I wanted to take you on a History Channel Journey to make our favorite cold cuts, but for some reason those videos are no longer on the internet. The four part series on the History of Cold Cuts is missing parts one and two.  Why?  Were some secrets revealed?

Well, we can watch this video about making sausages, olive loaves, pepperoni, and German bologna.  Warning!!!  Watching may make you swear off sausages!



I don't EVEN wanna see how they make tuna fish!