For the second year in a row (and fifth since 2016), Texas is the number 1 growth state according to U-Haul. The numbers are based on the amount of one-way rentals heading into the Lone Star State. Overall, the moving in the country slowed in 2022 vs. 2021, but places like Killeen-Temple continued to see more arriving than departing. Arriving Californians aren't the reason you're upset in Texas.

Where Are Texans Moving?

The top 3 states Texans are moving to are Oklahoma, Colorado, and California. Texas is the number 1 destination for residents of all 3 of those states. In fact, Texas ranks in the top 3 destinations for other states more often than anyone.

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Jobs Are Drawing People to Texas, But...

Lots of people are arriving every day, and it certainly isn't to "Mess With Texas." The most common reason is clearly all the jobs. No surprise, but according to The Texas Tribune, Texas led all states in job growth, and ended 2022 with an unemployment rate below 4%.

Believe It Or Not, Our Politics Are A Draw Too

The politics are drawing people here. Many want to complain the problems of California are following their emigrants, but that's not likely the case.

People are leaving blue states to escape what they perceive to be the biggest issue of living there. The same is true for blue residents leaving red states. Red residents entering red states are making their new state more red. Look no further than this NPR article on why Florida is more red now than ever.

Hey, The Weather's Nice (Mostly)

The weather is also playing a role for new residents. It's difficult to beat our mild winters, and although we have nearly endless summers, at least they're drier than others, right? (Wait, what humidity?)

Texas Promises A Better Life (And Great Food)

There are many reasons why people are coming to Texas. A better life for my family is why we're here. So, if ya see a new face, say, "Hello," welcome them to the neighborhood, and share with them our great Texas BBQ.

Why Do You Call Texas Home?

Whether you're a Texas native or a new arrival, what do you love most about life in our fine state?

Tap the Chat button in our free app to let me know what makes life here so much better.

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Stacker analyzed the Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey data to determine the three most popular destinations for people moving out of each state.

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