After thinking about it for a while, I don’t believe I have ever gone to a club in Texas. I’ve done the whole party in Las Vegas with buddies in my 20s but I’ve also never been much of a club going person. I’d much rather hit a happy hour or even a quiet dive bar but it’s easy for me to say that any sort of nightclub is no longer anything that I want to be apart of. And there is a hilarious video on TikTok showing just how “fun” clubbing in a small town like Tyler, Texas can really be.  

Like most of us when we were in our 20s, I enjoyed putting on some nice clothes, getting cleaned up and going out for drinks and the party atmosphere. But now the idea of leaving my house after 8pm on a weekend only sounds good if ice cream is involved and I am back home within a few minutes.  

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Video of Clubbing in Tyler, Texas Looks Like a School Dance 

The video below on TikTok shows you what it’s like inside a club in a small town, although it looks like many school dances too. Lots of people crowded together in a small space. Attempting to talk to people but you can’t really hear anything due to the loud music. 

Would You Go Clubbing in Tyler? 

There are hundreds of people that hit the club each weekend in Tyler, Longview and all-over East Texas. Do you think this is an accurate depiction of what happens at these small-town clubs? Does it make you want to visit one of these establishments?  

While you check out the TikTok, I am going back to yelling at kids to get off my lawn.   

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