Jake Owen got his wings... sort of!

The singer was involved in a go kart accident last week while horsing around with NASCAR superstars Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. Then he had hand surgery, which he had been putting off for a while. It wasn't quite clear if the go kart gaffe and the surgery had any sort of relationship. Even so, Own kept fans informed about his operation, progress and healing process, and promised he would not miss a single show (including two of the biggest of his career) because of it.

Owen made it to his first-post surgery gig at the Country Concert 2013 in Ft. Loramie, Ohio thanks to an assist from Harvick. And his plane.

"[Kevin Harvick] flew me in on his plane and he’s sitting side stage right here," Owen told the Country Concert crowd, bringing the NASCAR star onto the stage. “You guys say 'Thanks' to Kevin for getting me here."

It's certainly convenient to have pals with planes, which they use to transport you.

Owen also confessed that he is much wiser after his accident. "I learned one thing,” he said. “Number one, I will never race guys like that in go karts ever again! It’s nice to have friends with planes. That’s another good thing.”

Owen also flew via the same plane for the next pair of high-profile gigs with Jason Aldean at Fenway Park in Boston, shows too big for Owen to miss due to surgery or a go kart mishap.

Thanks to Harvick for lending some wings to Jake Owen.

The singer tweeted photos from the first Fenway gig, both on the stage and while meeting fans (and in a sling!)