A few weeks back I shared with you my ongoing struggle to be a big boy and not make messes like an infant eating cake with their hands on their 1st birthday.  Unlike most instances, in which Jamie is left with only shame & a ruined shirt, this time others suffered along with me.

Even when I'm not eating or drinking, I'm still making messes.  As I've mentioned in my previous blog post I'm not so much a messy eater as much as I'm just clumsy.  Usually this clumsiness manifests itself as food falling onto my shirt.  Other times it's our living room carpet, or it's the table cloth draped over our end table in the living room.  Sometimes it's all three!!

Bring out the mop bucket!! This wasn't a job a few towels could handle. Photo by Jamie Garrett

Today, a simple trip to the gas station put extra work on the sweet ladies that work there.  No one else should suffer because of my clumsiness, but today... someone suffered.  I needed a caffeine boost, and it was turning into a muggy, muggy afternoon so coffee wasn't going to cut it.  I grabbed myself a big ol' 44-ouncer & filled it with my favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage.  As I was sizing up the two straw sizes to see which was the intended straw for my big ol' drink it happened:  a big ol' mess that someone else had to clean up.

The drink slammed into ground as I sat and watch.  Had I reacted quicker I could have possibly saved a good 20 ounces of bevvie from spilling out, but this was definitely a case of staring in shock as every last ounce spilled onto the ground.  Both of the lovely ladies working at the time saw the whole thing.  I could almost hear their curses & wishes for my death rolling through their head, but to their credit they put their best happy face on & cleaned up my mess.  It wasn't just a few napkins... this was a mop bucket job.

To add insult to their injury, besides moving the display sign I'd just soaked out of her way, all I did while she gathered her cleaning supplies was take a few pictures for the website.  There needs to be a group where those that are hurting others with their slobbery can go to talk & work toward getting better.  If this was a 12-step program, today I would have gone back to step one.  In fairness, however, I never make it much past step two or three before I'm back at square one.

A special thanks to the Valero gals (and anyone else I may hurt) for being enablers to this habit I can't kick.  I thank you for your support, and I thank my wife for her tough love.


Oh, and in case you were wondering... YES, the Bloomin' Temple shirt I raided from our prize vault the last time I spilled lasagna on myself at work is ALREADY RUINED.  It happened this morning.  Coffee.  So if you had 18 days, morning & coffee in the office pool... you won the jackpot!!!