Growing up in front of the boob tube means I spent a lot of time watching TV dads in action.  As a matter of fact, with my dad in the Air Force & deployed as much as he was, it's safe to say some of those TV dads influenced my parenting.

Whether the influence came when I was just a kid or came along later in life, they've all had an impact on my parenting styles and philosophies.

Three to See - 3 Most Influential TV Dads

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    Walter White

    A lot of people will instantly think to themselves, "Is Jamie cooking up blue meth?", and to that I'd respond by reminding everyone that I didn't finish college.  I couldn't name 10 elements from the Periodic table, and the ones I CAN name I can name only because of "Breaking Bad".

    I have Walter White on my list of influential dads because he displayed the the willingness to not just say he wants the best for his family after he's gone, but to completely risk everything he's worked for just to ensure his family is taken care of once he's gone.  Would I go as far as making blue meth to make sure my family's set?  You're damn right I would.  I'd be the one that knocks, if needed.

    I'll put on a funny hat and do some damage on both sides of the border if that's what it took to care for my family.  He's not higher on my list because he died in the end, relying on someone he never should have trusted to deliver the money.  Spoiler alert!!

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    Dr. Jason Seaver

    Alan Thicke may have produced a man-whore for a real life son, and his TV son has gone on to be quite the nutjob in real life, but his parenting style sticks with me to this day.

    He always managed to remain calm, despite the mess Boner got Mike into during that particular episode.  His calmness held some power, though, because Mike was as big a troublemaker as you could find, and yet he stayed out of juvie.

    What really sealed the deal with me and made me take note of Dr. Seaver's parenting style when I was a kid was that he had a full head of hair (I already knew what was awaiting me in adulthood) AND that he got to work from home.  I loved that, in part because my dad was gone so much, but mostly just because I'd love to work from home so I didn't have a commute or co-workers.

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    Louis CK

    From his stand-up to his HBO show and now to his highly-acclaimed TV show "Louie" on FX, I've watched (and been a fan of) Louis CK for a long time.  His scowl and brutally-honest stand-up make me feel as if I have a kindred spirit in life, fatherhood and baldness.

    The parenting influence of Louis CK may have come late in my life (after one kid), but what sticks out is his honesty.  It's not just material onstage on on his show that stands out.  In interviews with him you just get the gist that he's an honest guy with his kids.  He's not going to hid the crappiness of the real world to his daughters, and I'm trying to do the same with mine.  I'm not nearly as (brutally) honest as Louis, but, much like him, I'm not afraid to tell the kids they're being little a-holes, if needed.

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