Things are getting steamy around here. A man and a woman lie in bed, barely dressed, dimly lit by candles. That's when she lures him in to heat things up a little more.

That's just the beginning of Aldean’s latest music video, ‘Burnin’ it Down,’ which released September 4, 2014 from the lead single of is sixth studio album.

Leaving nothing to imagination, Aldean’s lyrics state, “We about to get a little tangled up right about now, So girl let's keep burnin' it down.” The end of the video, which shows the woman barely dressed and lying down, depicts what this song is all about—burnin’ it down in bed. The fiery background while Aldean sings the song adds dramatic effect, and foreshadows that this song will be on fire for a while.

This song adds some variety to his usual guitar leads, and the change is accumulating a great response from the fans. The entire album is set to release October 7.

If you’re a fan of Aldean, don’t forget to apply for the contest to win a trip to see him live in Houston and get backstage passes to meet him October 23, 2014.