Holly Hazell may be  Jason Aldean’s  number one fan.    Last month she attended her 100th Jason Aldean show.  She's seen him in 30 states, starting in tiny bars where nobody knew his name.  

For Holly Concert 100  was in Tulsa, Oklahoma . . . and Jason actually surprised Holly by pulling her onstage and giving her a gigantic concert ticket.

Jason Aldean - Holly's 100th Concert from Aldean Army on Vimeo.

He told her, quote, "Now, 100 shows, I'll be honest, I don't like anybody that much . . . I'm just sayin'.  But that's a huge deal [and] I want to say a huge thank you to you for the support.  Not only this year and the last couple years, but since day one."

So Jason how about a Lifetime concert pass including Meet and Greets for Holly?  She deserves it!