Recently I had the pleasure of talking to one of the hardest working guys in country music. Despite his struggles with his labels in the past, Joe Nichols hasn't given up on his dreams and keeps looking onward and upward. Joe Nichols clearly doesn't have the word "can't" in his vocabulary. Joe Nichols was dropped by his first label at the age of 19 because his album didn't sell like his label wanted it to. Joe Nichols has always kept his head high and his hard work paid off. His second chance was a success with his album "Man With a Memory" which brought us the song "The Impossible".

I asked Joe Nichols, what his advice to someone trying to make it would be. Joe Nichols didn't hesitate to say "The answer to that question has changed so many times over the years, now I would say to someone who is trying to make it  first of all take your education as far as you can take it. I didn't go to college, I find myself in situations, in agreements, in conversations with people who are higher educated. They know about business more than I do and I find myself having to play catch up a lot.  Education, I know it sounds like a cliche but education is everything. Second, be prepared to be told 'no'.  For every 'yes' you get you'll probably get ten thousand 'no's'. Have the ambition and the drive to push through when you are told 'no'. Be confident, not cocky, be confident in your abilities."

Thank you for the inspiration today Joe Nichols!

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