It's possibly the toughest thing to do in music... singing acapella in front of a live audience and broadcast to TV.  Add to that a tune you've heard done a million times and it's a no-win situation.  Despite all that, Joe Nichols volunteered his time recently at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Minnesota.  His take on "God Bless America" sent the Twitter trolls into overdrive, and after one-too-many the comments were fierce.  I read the tweets, and based on what they were spewing, I expected the worst.  What I found was something completely different.

Despite being in radio half my life, I don't pretend to know thing-one about making music.  Even without a trained ear to recognize tone, pitch, rhythm, etc., I thought it was a good, if not great, rendition.  Most people that don't like country music don't like it for the twang.  Joe's version of the song had a little twang to it.  OK, but that doesn't make it the worst ever.  I can't hear one thing wrong with it, but maybe you feel differently.

Was Joe Nichols' version the worst ever?




The gals over at "The View" even got into the discussion, so you know it must have been a hot topic.  I'm genuinely shocked by their reaction.