Kayne West has been invited to attend Sunday service at Lakewood Church in Houston. The invite comes from TV preacher himself Joel Osteen.

When I read the headline from KHOU11 I thought it was pretty funny, but it gets better. Evidently, Joel and Kanye have developed a friendship through phone calls according to the church. Is Trump involved?

The announcement was made the same day Kanye dropped his new album 'Jesus is King'. I assume it's a gospel album, but I don't really know. It features Kenny G! Check out Kanye's website here, it looks like it was made in 2002.

I'm a little uninformed on all things Kanye (I'm okay with that) but I learned so much today and golly is it funny.

So first of all KHOU11 credits him as a "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star, not an artist no, no. But did you know he conducts his own Sunday service for celebrities every week? With music and non-denominational sermons, "non-denom" as the kids say.

Everyone probably knows this but he did a sermon at Coachella!!

This is real. Not something those California guys are making up. You know Chad, JT, and Strider. Check out the video below for extra laughs.

@havenmedrano is my Instagram. You know the picture thing on the telephone.

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