Ever wanted to be a chicken farmer but couldn't because you live in the Killeen, Texas city limits where it's currently prohibited? Well that could change if a new petition gets approved.

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The Killeen City Council listened to Denise Doyle last Tuesday night as she laid out why the city should allow backyard chickens, and many residents seem to agree.

No Chickens Allowed

According to the City of Killeen's website, in regard to animal services, question 7 asks, "Can I keep chickens or carrier pigeons in the city? What about turkeys or pheasants?" The answer, "No. Livestock including chickens and other fowl is not permitted in the city limits. (Certain agriculturally zoned property is exempted from this restriction.)"

So currently you are not allowed to have any livestock, chickens in this case, as pets or other within the city limits. That could change depending on what the Killeen City Council decides.

Legalize Weed, Backyard Chickens

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that Denise Doyle's petition would allow residents of Killeen to have chickens inside the city limits. Doyle sites "food sustainability" as a main reason why.

Doyle tells the Herald, “We do believe it’s pretty archaic that the city of Killeen has not addressed this issue when the national headlines are talking more and more about how there is a crisis with our food.” 

Doyle goes on to say “There was a time when the U.S. government encouraged all Americans to not only have a backyard vegetable garden but to grow some hens. We need to get back to that." 

Turns out many people support that idea and are hoping to see the city reverse the ban on chickens. The city is set to vote on this next week.

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